Paving the path for your small business to make a big impact.

Marketing doesn’t work when you’re spread thin.

There’s a lot to do and not enough time to get it done when you’re a small business owner. Our team at Sidewalk Marketing Co. is here to help you create a strong foundation for your digital marketing efforts so that your business can grow sustainably while creating brand awareness.

  • Find the right words to help you connect with your market.
  • Never feel embarrassed to share your website with others.
  • Nurture your audience strategically and authentically.
  • Always feel confident in your marketing plan.


About Sidewalk Marketing Co.

Sidewalk Marketing Collective was born from a conversation about convenience. Long story short, founders Justine and Amy were lamenting over the lack of sidewalks in our respective communities, and then related this back to our areas of expertise—how unclear copy, bad design, and messy marketing made it inconvenient for customers to get the services they needed to improve their lives.

We are driven by a mission to create clear paths between businesses and their customers. Our goal is to take what’s special about your brand and mix it with the best web practices to get you noticed. At the end of the day, it’s genuine interactions with people that make a brand truly stand out. Let’s help you create impactful relationships with your customers!

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