Paving the path for your small business to make a big impact.

Paving the path for your small
business to make a big impact.

It’s hard to work in your business and on your business at the same time.

You’ve worked hard to master your trade, now it’s time to get the word out.

You’ve spent so much time perfecting your craft,  but now it feels like you need to master your marketing to get noticed. Instead, let us help you:

  • Find the right words to help you connect with your market.
  • Never feel embarassed to share your website with others.
  • Show up on social media strategically and authentically.
  • Always feel confident in your marketing strategy.



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About Sidewalk Marketing Co.

Sidewalk Marketing Co. is a boutique marketing agency helping trades and service-based small businesses claim their space online so that they look professional and can reach their customers more effectively. We want to know your vision and goals so that we can help you create an authentic online presence through captivating copy, beautiful and responsive web design, and nurturing content marketing. You’ve worked hard to start and grow your business—now it’s time to let it shine.

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